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Date: February 23, 2020

Time: 10am

Location: Martial Cottle Park

Meet at 351 Chynoweth Ave, San Jose, 95136 - Free Parking on this side of the park

Cost: $20 per dog, $5 additional family dog

Get your dog

into pack drive!​

Email to sign up when the next pack walk is coming up 

Money is matched by LHDT and donated to a Rescue Foundation

Our LHDT pack walks are designed for our current or past clients. Our pack walks are a great opportunity to get your dog out in a different environment, such as Down Town Los Gatos or a local hiking trail, to practice loose leash skills outside of lessons. Pack walks are also a great opportunity for our clients with leash reactive dogs who want to continue to grow their skills. LHDT pack walks introduce your dog to a new environment and give them a positive experience around new dogs and people!  

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