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What sets LHDT’s board and train program apart from others is that each dog comes to live in a home environment instead of an outside kennel. Each program is customized to fit the needs of both the dog and the expectations of the owner. We are creating a balanced, well adjusted dog that the owners will be proud to take anywhere. During the board and train the dog is immersed in a dog trainer lifestyle and eats, sleeps, and breathes dog training. We take the hard part of dog training out of your hands and into professionals. This will quickly correct unwanted behaviors and create a structured training curriculum each day to promote a confident and balanced dog in even the most distracted places.

Our Board And Train Programs are Perfect For Two Types of People

Those that are at their wits ends and have tried every avenue to correct unwanted behaviors in their dog.


Those that just don’t have the time it takes to create proper structure in your dog’s day-to-day life and need a professional to do the hard work.

Evaluation: $100 (Required for all packages)

The evaluation allows the trainers to assess the dog and identify unwanted behaviors. The trainer will first observe you and your family with your dog in order to evaluate and explain the most effective way to move you and your dog forward.  LHDT strives to give each owner the tools to become an effective pack leader in your home and the outside world.


LHDT takes in each board and train and adapts the program to the needs of the dog

2-Week Board & Train
Our board and train programs are tailored to fit each dog and their needs. The trainer will work on unwanted behaviors that include but are not limited too: leash reactivity, dog/people aggression, high levels of anxiety, fearfulness, etc.  During the board and train program we work to desensitize dogs to things that arise throughout the program such as surfaces, stairs, noises, children, dogs, bikes, people etc.  Your dog will learn house manners that will be expected while living with your family. Additionally, where the trainer sees fit, your dog will also learn manners in restaurants, crowds, stores, and parks. The trainer will work with your dog on and off leash during the duration of the board and train.
  • Obedience

  • Advanced leash skills

  • In home and public manners

  • Pack socialization

  • Place work

  • E-collar training

This includes 2 private sessions (Must be completed during board and train time)

Required: The trainer will recommend a private package depending on the skill set of the owner and difficulty of the dog.  Some behavioral problems will take more sessions to transfer over to the owners.

Additional Weeks


Additional week/s may be required by the trainer depending on the unwanted behaviors your dog has made as habits.  Some dogs require more or less time than others.

Lasting Habits Week

This week has to be approved by trainer.  This week is optional to help create more lasting habits in your dog.  There will not be any private sessions with the dog and the trainer during this week but the dog will do all pack related activities while with a trainer.  Pack activities include: pack walks, place work, in home work, park work with the pack, and meal time.

* Please note: It is the owner's responsibility to practice and follow training techniques given by LHDT trainers.
LHDT guarantees the dogs success not the owners.

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