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Lucy, Labrador Puppy

We began working with Lori when our lab puppy, Lucy, was 8 months old. Before training with Lori, Lucy was difficult when guests would come into our home.


Lori was quickly able to solve our home behavior issues. After that, she integrated the dog into many of our daily activities—walking, taking her to public restaurants and shopping along Santana Row.


We appreciate Lori’s flexible and practical approach to training Lucy. We still receive compliments on our dog’s good behavior when we are out and about with her. Thank you, Lori!

-- Joe Pavelski, San Jose Sharks

Integrating a Dog Into An Established Pack

Lori and Dallas are the dream team of dog training. In my opinion Lori is the most knowledgeable dog trainer that I have ever met.  She has done miracles with my dogs. She was even willing to travel to Hawaii to help integrate a new member of my pack. Lori and Dallas are not only pros at what they do, but are great people as well!

-- Greg

Runaway Maltipoo

I worked with Kori and I am so happy with the results! I have a one year old Maltipoo who thought it was a fun game to run away from me whenever I tried to get her to leave the dog park (I've spent multiple hours chasing her in the cold and rain). The training packages were pricey, but I decided it was best to make the investment now rather than drag out her bad behavior for a few years.


I did the basic training package and I started to see results within a few weeks. After completing the training, I have not had any issues leaving the dog park!! My dog follows me right out! If you're thinking about doing the training--I definitely recommend.

-- Jasmine Ricks

We Traveled from Long Beach

I am AMAZED by the relationship that has been created between me and my dog. I had gone to another trainer, and they just didn't connect the way Lori did. I can take my dog anywhere - even where there are kids - and that used to be an issue. Lori is a wonder person and a beyond talented trainer! I am SO HAPPY I chose her! She is so good I came from Long Beach!!


I recommend her 150%

-- Sahar S

Cody, Ridgeback Puppy

The first night Lori took control of my 60 pound Rhodesian Ridgeback puppy, Cody,  She adjusted his leash for better control, used a commanding tone, and directed him in a way that got results. I was so impressed. He was immediately learning to sit, stay, and heel.  I needed further training.  I met with Lori for private lessons which really helped me understand why I wasn’t getting the results she was. She came to my home, reviewed his sleeping arrangements and feeding set up, and taught him to use the doggy door!

Then we met at the park where we had room to work, and the distraction of other dogs. Getting Cody to obey at home was one thing - around other dogs was quite challenging. Thanks to Lori, Cody has mastered all of his commands and is a joy to be with, even staying by my side in a "heel" off leash. 


During a five night "board and train" at Lori’s home, Cody learned to kennel on command, stop jumping on guests, and stop nipping at our wrists and heels. He came home a new animal. 

It is a great experience going shopping with Cody (now 8 months and 80 pounds) and having shop owners impressed with his good behavior. He'll stay in the corner of a store while I browse around!


I highly recommend Lori Hamilton to any dog owner. She really gets results.


-- Alison Shaw

Bear: No More Scaring Guests


I was lucky enough to have Amy, one of Lori Hamilton's trainers, work with our dog, Bear.  Well, what can I say, he's a totally different dog.  Amy was very patient both with me and our dog.  She knows exactly what she is talking about, and dog is now fantastic to take anywhere.  We can take him to dog friendly restaurants, dog friendly hotels etc.  Totally worth it.  Every time Bear sees Amy he just about goes nuts!  He absolutely loves her!    

He is also a different dog to have around the house, especially when we have visitors.  He used to bark and go crazy jumping up and down.  They taught me how to manage our dog and make our guests feel welcome without being scared of the dog barking loud and jumping all over them.  

If you are looking for a great dog trainer - this is where I recommend you go.  Give them a call!

-- Yelp Aussiemom

Tenley: A Pitbull In Need Of Some Manners


I had exceeded my frustration threshold with our 2-year-old pit bull mix, Tenley. She pulled when I walked her, no matter what type of collar I used. She darted into the street after cats or squirrels, was agitated and hyper-vigilant,  barked and jumped at the window when anyone walked by, charged out the front door, and ignored me when I called her. It was not only embarrassing,  but the mail carrier, neighbors, and our guests were afraid of her, and I was worried she might get hit by a car.

Lori came to our house and evaluated Tenley. She pointed out some things we were allowing at home that we did not realize were contributing to her agitation and unwanted behavior.

After just two sessions with Lori, we noticed significant improvement in Tenley's agitation.  Now Tenley will heel on or off the leash, sit, down, and stay. She sits calmly at the door, and will not exit until given the command, and lays on the front lawn and ignoring squirrels, passing dogs, or other distractions. People make remarks about how well trained our dog is – we never would have dreamed that two months ago! Tenley is now practicing to pass her canine good citizen test.

We can't thank Lori enough for giving us the tools we needed to help our dog become a calm, balanced, and obedient member of our family.

-- Harold and Megan McDonald

No More Chasing Prey


I have an older rescue Irish setter with very strong prey drive and poor eyesight.  After she went off a cliff a second time chasing a bird, I talked with Lori Hamilton about the issue, and she was very direct in advising me to start some training.

I begun working with Kori Sanchez, and she suggested e-collar work.  I was hesitant at first, but after watching Kori teach my dog what the e-collar meant and how to get the pressure to go away, I knew we were headed in the right direction.  The new e-collars are very gentle (I tested it on myself).  I got over my fear of the e-collar, and my dog really enjoyed the training, too. Kori was patient and clearly understood how to train both owner and dog.  Since completing training we have been off leash many different places and my dog is completely responsive to my commands even with high prey stimulation.  Thank you, Kori.

-- Heidi Geary

Sadie,  Chihuahua Mix


Sadie was a year old before we could take her to obedience training due to some medical issues.  She had definitely developed some problem behaviors. She's also a toy breed, which comes with its own set of little dog problems!

After just one session, we saw a huge improvement! The best part is that Dallas didn't just help us train Sadie, she taught us how to handle her correctly.  She always explained the timing and techniques, so that we really understood how to get results and correct problem behaviors.  She is great!  I highly recommend her if you need dog training and the private lessons are incredibly effective.

-- Kate Stemplinger

Sanity: The Emotional Support Dog


When Sanity came to rescue me,  I was going do it right and get her training. I did the Petsmart class two times along with the personal training offered, but nothing was effective with Sanity’s pulling and ignoring me. When I first met Dallas she was kind enough to give me a few pointers, and when I watched how she handled Sanity, I was IMPRESSED. 


I love Sanity, but she has a serious job to do as she is needed for my mental stability. I had to fix the pulling and other issues before she was able to become a service dog. With Dallas’ ongoing coaching, Sanity and I have learned how to work together as an effective team. I am grateful every day! It's hard to put into words how much she has helped me.

Without her gentle and extremely effective training techniques, I never would have been able to accomplish as much, and that's the truth. It’s also very reassuring that you were trained and continue to work with someone as qualified as Lori Hamilton’s Dog Training.

Wholehearted thanks from the both of us!!

-- Tim and Sanity

No More Heavy Lifting


Lori and Amy worked with us and our pit bull and helped us immensely! Lori trained me and my dog so that I was able to take her for walks without worrying about getting my shoulder pulled out of its socket! Amy helped get my dog to walk down the stairs which was a huge deal, as had previously carried my 60 lb dog down a flight of stairs! Highly recommend them!

-- Sarah P

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