Our trainers use balanced dog training teaching methods. We use both rewards and corrections to create a communication system between the dog and its owner. We find that all tools in a dog trainer’s toolbox have a purpose when used correctly. By not limiting ourselves to one approach or type of equipment, we open the doors to make training a positive, fair, and effective experience for each dog and its owner and to move the dog forward.

As balanced trainers, we start training new commands and behaviors with rewards (either food or a toy) to positively guide the dog in the right direction. Once the dog understands the command, we slowly add distractions to increase the level of discipline the dog has for that command. When we are sure that the dog understands what is being asked of him/her, we can then hold the dog accountable for disobeying a command. This is when a correction would be given. A correction can be a touch, a word, or a small pop of the leash.

​“When done correctly, corrections allow us to create very clear information about what is and isn't allowed, and what should and shouldn't be done. Corrections not only enable us to reinforce practical obedience, but they also help us to influence and cultivate the proper state of mind and discourage the unhealthy state of mind”  (O’Shea, The Good Dog)

Our goal is to cultivate the connection between the dog and its owner. By doing this we create well balanced dogs that owners are proud to take anywhere.​


Lori is Pet First Aid and CPR Certified

Lori Hamilton

Owner & Head Trainer

Lori Hamilton, born and raised in Silicon Valley, over the last 12 years she has trained over 2000 dogs through individual and group training classes. Her methods effectively solve unwanted behaviors while making training fun and rewarding for both the owner and the dog.

Her specialties include but are not limited to:

  • Dog/People Aggression

  • Anxiety

  • Obedience Training

  • Any Breed - Any Size

Dog training begins by helping family members become the “Leader of the Pack.” Lori trains her dogs with the foundation of the “Pack Dog Theory.” According to this theory, dogs are born into a pack, and when they join your family they become part of “your” pack. In every pack there needs to be a leader—that leader needs to be you!


Lori’s training empowers her clients to incorporate their dog into everyday life. This includes correcting unwanted behaviors while teaching each dog to be an obedient and well–rounded member of the pack.


Amy Gist


Amy joined the LHDT team in 2014, where she began developing her skills under Lori Hamilton as an apprentice. 


Since 2015 Amy has worked on her own, training clients and their dogs. Amy enjoys helping her clients develop better communication with their dog, which, in turn, leads to effective training and amazing results.


Amy realizes that not all dogs learn the same way, which is why she customizes the training to accommodate every dog and their owner to ensure a great outcome. Her goal is to get your dog motivated and engaged so that training will be a fun, exciting, and satisfying experience.

Amy is Pet First Aid and CPR Certified