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Quincy, French Bulldog Mix

My 2.5 year old French Bulldog mix is really great with people but could be very aggressive and anxious with other dogs.  It was getting very difficult to take him on daily walks, causing me to have a lot of anxiety, so we decided to try training with Lori and Kori.  I am so very glad we did.  Within the first 5 mins of training, Quincy was behaving better on leash than I had ever seen before (see video above).  After completing training with Kori I now have a dog who is well behaved, calm on the leash, and is a joy to take on walks.  I really don't know what we would have done without training with Kori. Thank you so much!!!

-- Lisa

Shadow, German Shepherd

Lori Hamilton is great! Our Shepherd, Shadow, displayed unwanted behaviors such as leash aggression and barking at small dogs and young children. Lori’s enormous knowledge, love, respect and understanding of dogs created an amazing change. With Lori’s training we are now able to walk in parks and eat out at dog friendly restaurants with Shadow at our side. Thank you, Lori!

-- Tom, Debbie and Shadow Nelson

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Anja, 65 lb. Puppy

We took our new dog (Anja) to the dog park and I remember that we could not even control her. She was leash reactive and she was only 6 months old and weighed 65 pounds. We were so lucky to run into Lori. She took Anja for a short walk and when Lori returned with Anja, I couldn’t believe she was the same dog. She was wonderful with Anja and taught her so much. Thank you, Lori Hamilton's Dog Training!

-- Sandy Bell

Rio, Standard Poodle reaches his potential

Don't make the same mistake that I did!  You'll see what I mean.  

In my opinion, this is the very best money any dog owner could spend!  I can't thank Lori enough for the amazing transformation she has accomplished.  I really CAN take my dog anywhere!

I traveled from Orange County, CA to have my standard poodle Rio trained by Lori Hamilton. I originally sent Rio to a less expensive trainer. After a three-week course the trainer told me Rio would need an additional three weeks to "really get it."  The end result was a dog that I couldn't trust, who followed commands IF he felt like it, barked constantly, and still reacted to any dog that passed by.  All of this cost 3 times what I would have paid Lori Hamilton Dog Training in the first place!  Sadly, I believed that this behavior was all my boy was capable of.

Wow, was I wrong!  Lori and her staff brought Rio to his full potential in under 2 weeks.  The dedication and patience that Lori has is admirable.  The immediate connection, respect and leadership that the dogs give to her is astonishing and must be witnessed to believe.  She works just as hard with the human, and we all know that's where the real problem usually lies.  She explained things in ways that made sense and made it easier for me to execute.

The bond that Rio and I now share is what owning a dog is supposed to be about.  I am confident that he is well balanced, well behaved, and will follow his commands.  His life is better because he gets to go everywhere.  Most importantly, Rio is a happy, fulfilled dog.  There is no need for him to be naughty or destructive.  

He is an absolute joy to be around and I am approached every day by people wanting to tell me how well trained he is.  I can't believe that I am now one of those people I always envied - the ones with the perfect dog by their side at restaurants and public places.  I have and will continue to recommend her.  I only wish I could move her down to So Cal!

-- Jillian D

Hercules, 6 y/o German Shepherd

Hercules is our six-year-old German Shepherd.  While basically a good dog, his natural protective instincts and reactive nature made him difficult to manage at times.  Lori helped us understand dog psychology and how to communicate more effectively with Hercules.  Lori transformed him from a good dog to a GREAT dog.  We are all happier and Hercules now consistently responds to our cues and direction.  We are able to go places together and to have people over to the house with confidence.  Lori has demonstrated that you can teach an older dog new tricks - we recommend her highly!

-- Nancy

Harley, the Dog Aggressive German Shepherd Pup

Our German Shepherd, Harley, came to us with a laundry list of issues, from medical to psychological.

The History:   We went to meet a 6 month old German Shepherd puppy to be a companion for our 4 year old dog. When we saw the deplorable conditions this poor puppy was living in, we decided to immediately bring him home.  Our story can go on and on as we found out more about this puppy (who Stef nicknamed "Hurricane Harley”),  the worst was that Harley was highly dog aggressive.

We immediately got Harley neutered and put him into obedience training; the trainer did a great job with his basic obedience, but was not able to help us with his dog aggression.  We tried another trainer who lasted all of about 1 hour because he was afraid of Harley.  Stef and I were at our wits end at this point, and concerned about controlling Harley.  At 7 months old, he had pulled Stef to the ground in the middle of a busy street while lunging after another dog.

The Solution:  One day I was running Harley and decided to try going to Butcher Dog Park.  Lori happened to be there, and when Harley barked and lunged at other dogs, she approached me and said she was a trainer.  I listened to her politely, having no intention of hiring  someone I’d just met at the park. Then I decided why not, we haven't had any luck with the other trainers,  let’s try it.

Through Lori’s amazing guidance and a lot of work on our part, we now have a beautiful, easily controlled German Shepherd that we can take anywhere and enjoy.  We get compliments on what a well behaved dog he is.  Stefanie and I both regularly recommend Lori to anyone who is in need of a great trainer, and will continue to do so!  Thank you Lori for getting Harley's psychological issues manageable and giving us the tools to continue his progress.

-- Steve and Stefanie

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