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Capo, an Insecure Boy

We got 10 month old Capo, an adorable Bichon/Poodle mix, from a very neglected background. The timing for Capo wasn't the best, we had a week vacation already scheduled.  Capo had extreme separation anxiety and we were apprehensive to leave him after just adopting him.  Many trainers were reluctant to take him.  Luckily, we contacted Lori Hamilton and explained our situation, and set up Capo with a board and train package at her home with Dallas.

We returned from our vacation and Capo was like a new dog.  He learned to be more comfortable in his kennel, walk on a leash,  a few commands, to socialize with other dogs,  and work on his separation anxiety. The whole time we were gone, Dallas texted us pictures and short videos, and gave us updates on his training.   We felt we had left Capo with a trainer who really cared about him and his problems.


It is now four months later, and Capo has made tremendous progress. His separation anxiety is much improved,  we can now leave him in his kennel without him stressing. He does well on a leash, learning more commands, and how to swim in our pool, and generally enjoy life as our forever dog - all thanks to LHDT!

-- Jo Ann and Roger Bjornstad

Maddie, 5 y/o Schnoodle


My 5 yr old Schnoodle, Maddie, was having anxiety around kids on skateboards, bouncing basketballs, etc. Her first impulse was to bark aggressively. After our first session with Lori, Maddie was already showing significant signs of improvement! It made me feel really proud as a dog owner to see how quickly she was learning new behaviors. Lori’s technique of focusing on the core of the issue and not just the specific situation was exactly what I was looking for in a trainer! Thanks Lori!

-- Lisa Magleby

Barking Baby

My dog Baby was constantly barking at anything that moved. It got to a point where the neighbors were complaining and the manager of my building threatened to evict me.  Thanks to Kori, Baby is now a model of canine decorum and I will be eternally grateful to Kori for her aid in helping Baby overcome her reactivity.

-- Paul

Katie, Separation Anxiety

We have had many dogs over the years who I thought were well-behaved. After we met Lori Hamilton, I wanted her to train our rescue dog, Katie. She had separation anxiety as well as needing training. We hired Lori and it was the right choice. Katie now is a well behaved, non-destructive, loving dog.

-- Dusty Loeb

Fearful 8 mo Golden Doodle

I did thorough research finding a dog trainer for my 8 month old Golden Doodle.  I found Lori Hamilton's Dog Training on Yelp and contacted them.  I got an immediate response from Kori.  Kori is "the best" dog trainer, almost like a dog whisperer with Lori's team.  My Golden Doodle went from being a wild puppy to a well disciplined puppy.  

Kori's method of working with the dog, and at the same time training us to work with the dog, showed results within two or three weeks. She patiently worked with the dog & us and did not adopt a punitive approach. She visited our home and our neighborhood park to train us on how to manage the puppy at those locations.  She even worked with my older parents to teach them key skills.

Our puppy had a fear of crossing bridges which meant picking him up (he is almost 50 lbs) and walking on the bridge or turning around to find an alternate route.  With just one class, she had him overcome his fear, and taught us key skills on how to help him overcome his fears.  

Kori is very committed, personable, patient, professional and is very proficient with training dogs.   I am looking forward to sending him for any day camps that Lori and team might have in the future.  Thank you Kori for the wonderful training experience.

-- Neel Dhar

Axe, the Stubborn Anxious Border Collie

When we rescued Axe, a fluffy 8 week old Border Collie/Australian Shepherd mix puppy, we didn’t know what we were getting ourselves into.  He’s a very smart dog, but with that came a huge attitude, only listening when he wanted to. We knew that he needed some professional training, so we signed up for Lori’s group classes through the community center. After just a few classes, we knew we wanted to do private lessons.

We noticed a difference after just a few private lessons. He is a difficult little guy but we were able to watch Dallas work through it which really taught us how we needed to be with him. Axe caught on to everything rather quickly, it was us who really needed the training.  She was there to answer any questions we had and really guide us on how to train Axe to be the best dog he could be.

He had some anxiety issues with new people and objects that he is not familiar with and she was able to walk us through and give us tips on how to make him overcome this and feel comfortable in new situations. One of our main goals going into this was to be able to have him be off leash and listen. She was able to not only achieve this with him, but also got us to be confident with having only our voices to control him.

Thanks to her we have an amazingly trained dog that we are able to take anywhere with us. We brought a crazy high energy puppy that didn’t listen and she gave us back a well behaved dog who respected us.

-- Briana, Tyler & Axe

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